Window Box Wowza

My tiny 1941 cottage - it’s like my own little personal playhouse. What it lacks in square footage, it makes up for in outdoor spaces. One of the first things I did to update its’ dated curb appeal years ago was install window boxes across the front. Window boxes not only add beauty to your outsides, they give you an up-close garden peek from the inside as well!


And because they are relatively small, they’re easy to fill inexpensively for a big impact. I like to change mine out with the seasons and this past weekend (with all our gorgeous orders that have been arriving) was the perfect opportunity to give em their long-awaited Spring update.  So if you’re wondering, here’s the breakdown: each planter received 3 caladiums, 2 begonias, 2 petunias, 1/2 verbena hanging basket, and 1/4 airplane hanging basket (dividing our baskets is a great way to get a lot of look for a little money ~ just ask us, we’ll show you how!)  The total for all four stuffed-full boxes was $108.14.

Sad Befores :(

Sad Befores


First, I cleaned them out and replaced the cocoa mat liner.


I strategically placed, then planted my Oopsy Daisy selections: caladiums towards the back, airplane plants on the both ends, verbena spilling out from the middle, and begonias + petunias squished all in between. Of course, layout possibilities are endless, but my window boxes in particular are containers that I like to keep everything symmetrical and for them all to match. Organized chaos of color, if you will.


Once all the new babies were in place, I offered them a drink to eliminate any air pockets and welcome them to their new home.



(or at least till next Fall!)

And that’s it! Sit back (literally!) from my porch OR from my couch and watch them grow! How bout you? Do you have window boxes on your home? I’d love to see pictures of yours! Come by and show us or post on line and tag us so we can share how you have used your Oopsy Daisy purchases to bump up your curb appeal!