Buzzword: Boho

If you've opened any magazine lately, watched one design show, or scrolled anywhere on social media.... you KNOW the Jungalow / Boho trend is strong!  


Anything beaded, macramé, vintage, artsy, handmade, and definitely plant related can usually be found somewhere in boho decor.  It's a free spirit, traveled style that was common in the 60's and 70's hippie era, and has been reinvented and reworked into today's homes to fit our lifestyles now.  


The fun part of using this taste in design is that there really are no limits!  You can choose to take it 100% and go with layer upon layer of anything and everything you find appealing or rein it in to blending with your existing decor style or go sparingly and only feature one or two boho items in a pared down modern look.  Boho is an effortless feel and fits right in with farmhouse, industrial, contemporary, traditional, transitional, mid-century, minimalist........ really any decor style!  As it's name suggests, it is a laid-back, relaxed atmosphere that can adapt to whatever environment it finds.


And because it is such an easy going vibe, it's simple to change!  The boho look speaks of your personality and just as we evolve and have different moods, so can our surroundings.  


The eclectic mix of loved and pre-loved items in our Market falls right into the Boho craze!  Whether you're looking for a gift for that unique friend or wanting to add a little individualism to your own style, stop in and see all we have.  As always, we love helping our customers pull together their vision so if you have any design questions or are looking for a little boho advice, we're here for ya!