Where Does Time Go?

It's been a hot minute (or 10) since we've posted a blog entry.  Mostly because..... well, Spring!


I feel so lucky and blessed that we've met sooooo many new friends this year and introduced the Oopsy Daisy vibe to customers who have been craving this kind of shopping atmosphere in this area for a long time. It continues to blow my mind how many first-time customers discover us every week. There is still (always!) room for more growth and we can't wait to see what the remainder of 2018 holds for Little Miss Daisy!



All that being said, I have a few confessions to make.  Mostly, it boils down to this: I'm more of a dreamer than a planner.  I mean I do understand the importance of lining out your future and getting all your ducks in a row, but some days I feel I have the free-range ducks that come if I call them, but don't necessarily line up.  More of a huddle.

Lately I've had the few extra minutes it takes to catch up on some podcasts, do some light reading, and think a deeper thought than what's on our next truck.  I really enjoy learning how other people (women in particular) run their business.  So let's talk about that.

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 9.16.18 AM.png


Speaking of business, I never in my wildest dreams, "planned" to one day own one.  I just didn't sit down at age 20, declare I was an entrepreneur, and list out every goal.  Not me.  I had general ideas and standards, of course, of how I knew I wanted my adult life to be but to say, "by age this I will be doing that and then before I turn x I want to have y" just has never described how I roll.  I admire people who are like that - just isn't me.  Naive?  REactive rather than PROactive?  I'll let you decide.

So after a string of various jobs (each one an improvement from the previous) when the opportunity to own a small business came along, I was at a point in my life I could innocently shrug and say, "sure, why not?".  Just as in any of my other occupations, I show up every day and give it my best.  But somehow now this best feels different.  I am the only one to answer to.  Good day or bad, it is now all on me.  Not pressure, just perspective.  


All the articles I've been reading and podcasts I've been listening to emphasize how creatives should follow their passion.  So back to this deeper thinking I've been doing - I almost have to giggle at myself when I see how reverse but not reverse my "not plan" has been. (huh?)  Allllll the things I do for Oopsy Daisy are actually what I already loved doing!  Shopping flea market fields, searching wholesale markets for items no one else seems to carry, designing/RE-designing home decor to suit an eclectic taste, robust gardening in time+financially efficient ways, saving money, saving PEOPLE money, chatting with old friends, making new friends, learning their stories, sharing mine.  Who knew there was a job for all that??

I didn't plan to create a career of any of this but somehow all the puzzle pieces fell into place. So if you're still with me....... I have a point.  Whether you are a Type A or Type B, it's okay to not know exaccccctly the path you are on.  If you're still in the wondering-what-you-want-to-do spot, that's okay.  If you have a definitive timeline with bullet points all scheduled out, that's okay, too. You know what?  Time will go on anyway.  Just show up every day and give it your best.  And maybe, by doing that, one day a dream opportunity may just fall in your unexpecting lap where you look down at that happy accident and say, "Oopsy Daisy!"

Robin Garrett