Top O' The Morning To Ya!

Happy (almost) Saint Patrick's Day!


What could be more fun than a little leprechaun welcome on your porch or festive centerpiece on your dining table?  We have a project that only takes a few minutes and can be done by yourself before the kids get home from school OR include them in the process! 


Gather your supplies.  For this less-than-an-hour craft you will need:

  • an 8" terra cotta pot 
  • green craft paint
  • black craft paint
  • 2   1" foam paint brushes
  • a 2" diameter washer
  • hot glue gun
  • Oaxillis (shamrocks) plant or other plant of your choice    

After protecting your work surface with newspaper, paint the exterior of the terra cotta pot green from top to bottom, covering completely.  Paint the interior of the pot down 2" from the top and around the rim. Let it all dry.  Apply a second coat and let dry.


Using the black paint, go around the pot making a stripe the width of the foam brush, just under the top lip.  Overlapping, paint another stripe a little lower.   


Run a line of hot glue around the inner hole of the washer.  Immediately press the washer onto the black stripe. 


Re-pot your plant into your cute new container, taking care not to get the exterior dirty.  Place it on your porch or inside with indirect light (no more than 6' from a window) on a coffee table, dining table, or maybe on the kitchen island!


Post photos of your masterpiece using #oopsydaisygardenmarket and #plantsomehappy so we can feature you on our feed!  When Saint Patrick's Day has passed, this plant can be re-planted outdoors, either in another pot or directly in your flowerbeds for you to enjoy year after year as it is a perennial.  Lucky you!


Crunched for time or just aren't into crafting?  No worries, mate!  We have a few of these already made up and ready to go for $24.99 each OR you can grab a kit that includes the seven supplies listed above for $19.99!  Either way, you'll have a darling little Saint Paddy's Day decoration that's sure to brighten your day!