Almost There!

Looking back, 2018 has whirled by and been so good in so many ways! Hundreds of new visitors found us for the very first time. Our inventory and diverse selection of unique merchandise just seems to evolve and get better and better with the addition of several new suppliers. Our Workshops have been sold-out hits. Hearts are full!

84% say it helps them eat better92% say it enables them to remain living at home87% say it makes them feel more safe and secure-2.png

But the BEST part of our FIFTH year in business, has been the ability to donate 5% of every single sale to Meals On Wheels, helping feed our senior Texomans every day! It’s truly humbling to see the results ~ literally THOUSANDS of meals have been provided via Oopsy Daisy and all due to our truly faithful customers and their continued support. Discovering, recommending, and shopping at our little corner store has made differences in local lives in more ways than many of us can even grasp.

In addition to the automatic donation each customer has made just through their normal purchase, we set a vessel on our counter at the beginning of the year, allowing folks to make an extra cash donation if they so choose. Again, the generosity of our customers has blown us away! We do not guilt anyone into it (simply a sign attached to the container) and thought perhaps some coins in their change may get dropped in. Hey, it all counts!


Wellllllll, whoa! Not just coins, but bills! And some pretty impressive bills at that, have gladly been pushed down into the jar. Through the year, we’ve watched it fill from the other side of the counter but never counted it, just looked and smiled every time we glance that way.



Just as the year end is in sight and we are hoping to push on and finish strong, we have decided to host a little contest with our Donation Jar. The photo above was snapped 11/23/2018 and continuing to practice our same guilt-free ways, we’re secretly hoping December really tops this baby off! Judging from this picture (and now knowing the giving hearts of our customers), what is your guess that the exact amount of this jar will end up? We will award the entry that is the closest guess as of 12/20/18 one of our NEW cozy Oopsy Daisy hoodies to enjoy all Winter! To enter, simply click the button below and complete the form.

Good luck to all who decide to play and THANK YOU to every last one of our friends (because you’re more than a customer to us!) who have helped us make this past year-long anniversary celebration a complete dream!

of recognition.png