Oopsy Daisy High Five

Five years ago this month, I was getting nervous about where to relocate and indecisive on if I should even continue with the business I had purchased from my husband’s uncle a few years prior. For the first three years, I’d continued to run it just as he had ~ open only seasonally for Spring flowers + veggies and Fall pumpkins + mums. Pretty sweet gig. But after the building we were annexed to sold, and the new owners did not wish to continue the contract, I was forced with the two options mentioned above.

Kinda hard to find a place that is willing to rent (even their unused empty lot) on a temporary seasonal term. My search all over Texoma was wearing thin and the enlistment of realtors didn’t prove to turn up much more. On my way home, every day, I would see this abandoned, forgotten corner gas station and think….. “that place would be so cute fixed up…..”


The odds were not at all in my favor though, so I would drive on by. Not in a commercial business district, not on a main thoroughfare, tucked into a residential neighborhood, off the beaten path, and really needing a lot of “lipstick on a pig” treatment. Plus, who even knows its it’s available? Yep, keep going. Don’t think about it.

As my time to decide what to do was running out, the little corner seemed to be crying to me every time I rounded on by. Then one day, (you already see where this is going, don’t you?) a sign was in the window - FOR RENT. Ding! Answer!!

I contacted the landlord, made arrangements to meet and signed a lease within a few days. The upgrades and changes to “the little corner that could” haven’t all been easy, but every one has definitely been worth it!


Even better than the changes to the property have been the overall changes to my business. We’ve gone from being a seasonal roadside plant stand to blossoming into a year round, indoor-outdoor, home, garden, gifts, meetings, parties, workshops, and especially GOOD VIBES destination. The quaint, neighborly location has turned out to be a favored benefit. The ugly duckling has become a beautiful swan. Our customer base has grown daily and the feedback and word-of-mouth advertising we receive are great indicators that this thing just might work!

SO! If you’re a long-timer and are familiar with our story, you probably already know about how we decided to commemorate our Fifth Year in business at this location. It’s been a fun five years and these past 12 months have taken the cake! The ability to be able to sponsor such a noble charity has been so humbling and gratifying at the same time.


We’re hosting our annual Holiday Open House this year on Thursday, November 29th from 6 to 8 p.m. and toasting our Big Anniversary! We’d be just thrilled if you can stop by and celebrate with us!