Gimme A Minute

If you wouldn’t mind, gimme just a minute to gush. Normally I’m not a bragger or a very boastful person (best at being my own hardest critic), but lately I’ve been feeling a little extra proud about something.


Introducing our line-up of Workshops last Spring, I wasn’t completely sure what to expect or how well they might be received. My main goals I had in mind weren’t necessarily to make more money, but rather to host some fun events where friends could gather and strangers could become friends. I sought broader exposure for Oopsy Daisy and mostly just wanted to share her cozy atmosphere after our regular business hours are over, as the corner traffic calms, and the evenings settle into the prettiest sunsets over our patio party lights.


To my surprise (and delight!), each of our classes have been nearly full, if not completely sold out! Again, awesome….. but still not the biggest feather in my cap.


I love seeing the guests mingle - sometimes arriving in pairs or more, sometimes finding an old friend here, and many times showing up solo but leaving with new contact info and future plans to meet up again. I also love overhearing the various conversations and inadvertently (I promise, I’m not a stalker) learning what makes people tick.


But the one thing that TRULY floats my boat? Without being aware of it or having the same “script”, one by one by one, attendees have approached me and told me how much they are enjoying themselves by using the exact same phrase:


Hear the angels singing? I do. If for absolutely nothing else, the ONE thing I want the Daisy to represent is that laid back vibe. That comfortable place where whether it’s for a Workshop or a weekly walk through the store, people feel at ease. Rested. Restored. Re-inspired.


I’ve had several shoppers that come here directly from their massage appointments, explaining they want to stay in their zen moment. Others have shared with me that “Oopsy Daisy is my Xanax”. Some that say they’re here for a quick escape or to fix their rut. I’ve heard it (and appreciated it) a lot, but I suppose it didn’t all click until the same exact phrase was repeated workshop after workshop.

So thanks for the moment to honk my own horn! I feel so fulfilled that you all find us that way and I tend to strongly agree. Even though it’s a load of hard work, Oopsy Daisy is MY happy place as well. I’m so lucky to get to come here every day!