My Love of Old Homes

While vacationing in Key West, Florida (plus doing LOTS of market research and taking Oopsy Daisy inspiration notes) during our winter hiatus, I tootled all over the 2 mile by 4 mile island, soaking in their history, the cool architecture and, of course, the ah-mazing flora and fauna in the near-80 degree January sunshine!  It didn't hurt that we were somehow upgraded from our ho-hum sedan reservation to a beautiful black BMW convertible! (could def get used to that)


I snapped pics and jotted down ideas of every house or yard or fence or store display that would stop me in my tracks.

And while free-wheelin' it around town was a lot of fun, I was also really excited that I had signed up to go on their annual trolley tour featuring Old Homes of Key West!  In addition to the Conch Train's engineer giving us the 411 about each neighborhood we would drive through to get to the next home on the tour, I sat next to and chatted it up with a local sweetheart who was also there to lurk, I mean..... on the tour.  Mary moved down to Florida after retiring 10 years ago from upstate New York, so it was super fun getting to know her, hearing her story, and just kinda becoming tour buddies all afternoon.  Wish I woulda got her last name or email or something!  Grrrr, you ever do that?  Meet someone cool and forget to get the deets to follow up? (place palm on forehead abruptly) 

We toured a total of five different homes, each gorgeous in their own way.  Some had that professionally finished, high polish 'designer' look, while others were as down-homey and cozy cottage as they come.  One common thread ran throughout them all that I noticed though.  THE GARDENS!  Ohhhhhhhhh my!  They ALL had breathtaking outdoor living environments as if you were walking through a somewhat manicured jungle and just happened to come upon this cool house with an equally cool pool out back! I'm talkin' bouganvilleas dripping off outdoor kitchen arbors, 20-foot high bamboo groves lining a smooth black rock walkway, ferns bouncing in the spray of waterfalls, orchids growing gorgeously tied with jute to palm tree trunks ........   think lussssssh.  Now double that.

By now, you may be asking yourself, "ooookay, but what does any of this have to do with Oopsy Daisy and The Daisy Chain blog?".  Just as traveling (or stalking locally - I'm not picky.) and seeing other homes, gardens and retail establishments excites me, I'm hoping the snaps I got throughout my month away from OUR retail establishment inspire you and have given you an idea or two to implement into your own spaces.

It always has been and always will be Oopsy Daisy's number one goal.  

Whether it's out in your garden beds, inside your home decor, or simply within your heart.......