How Can We Help?

We are so excited up in here about 2018 being the FIFTH year (not including the 2 years in our previous location) that Oopsy Daisy has been slingin' all the gifts + home decor + botanical goodness!!


Lots of party scheming going on, but one way we already know we want to celebrate this milestone is beginning with the very first ring of the cash register this Spring ...............


..... we want to donate 


from every sale all year long to a worthy cause!  And this is where y'all come in.  Several charities come to mind that I fully believe in, support, and trust.  But since these monies will be coming from YOU, our cherished customers aka Oopsy Daisy Family, we want you to be in on the decision of who should receive these funds.  Is there a group or organization that is near and dear to your heart?  Is it local?  National?  Global?  If you wouldn't mind, please take a moment and email us with your suggestion and a brief explanation of why you would consider them a valuable recipient.  

It does not take long after turning on the news these days, to see the need in our communities/nation/world.  I know I feel so fortunate, yet convicted to do something..... ANY thing to help anywhere I am able.  Chances are, every one of us has "been there" at some point in our lives ~ whether it was financially, physically, emotionally or otherwise ~ and can remember the feeling of knowing someone cared.  

This is your chance to put in your two-cents worth (or in this case FIVE!) and confidently know that every time you make a purchase at our small business, you will be helping someone in need at no additional cost to you.  Just think what a YEAR LONG fundraiser could do!  So please put your thinking caps on, drop me a quick line and we will review and announce the winning recipient on Opening Day.  I can't think of a better Oopsy Daisy 5th Anniversary High Five than the feeling of extending a hand out! 

Looking forward to reading your submissions.......... 

U P D A T E !  

We have a charity!  Thanks to everyone for your submissions!  Read all about it here!