Hiatus Highlights

Inspiration Everywhere!


If there was ever a job where you could travel and shop and eat for a living, dash home to snuggle a grandbaby, and go do it all again, sign this girl up!  I’ve had so much fun these past few weeks, seeing new places, hanging out in old familiar spots, eating everything in sight and accumulating so many fun finds for our Market and Boutique this Spring.

The fields of Canton's First Monday Trade Days did not disappoint.  So many one-of-a-kind finds from there!


We had a getaway to Key West, Florida for a few days and I took full advantage of our lucky rental car upgrade to a fancy BMW convertible.  Top down, I cruised allllllll the little backstreets and snapped pics of allllllll the pretty houses and their amazing gardens and stunning curb appeal.  How awesome would it be to live somewhere that your plants just never die?!

Their architecture and fun use of colors was total eye candy!  I was just smitten with every little detail of the historic coastal community.  So much so that I even went on their annual Old Homes of Key West tour.  A fun afternoon trolley ride from stop to stop, getting off to go through some of the coolest homes I've ever seen!  (More on that special treat in an upcoming blog post!)

Of course, lots of Daisy shopping was included in this "business trip" (wink wink) as well!

Currently, I am in Arizona, enlisting the help of my sister in sourcing all the best vintage finds and garden inspiration.  Between snacks and shopping, we are constantly giggling about SOMEthing.  And if we run out of things to snicker about (never happens), we make sure to do something dorky to keep the laughter going! 


These cactus glasses may or may not be involved in our time together. 

All in all, it's been a very busy but very nice time off doing all the  #oopsydaisyadventures!  I only have a few short days left to finish up my Spring garden orders, whip the store back into shape, and welcome our next exciting year of Oopsy Daisy.  Looking so forward to seeing you each again and hearing all about YOUR adventures lately!